You must ensure that you have read the following guidance before attending a training session:


  • Please do not attend a training session unless you have booked and paid for a place through the WGC Ski Race Club website and / or booking platform.
  • For children athletes (below age of 18), they must be accompanied by a parent / guardian, who must stay as a spectator for the entire session.
  • For non-members of the club, athletes can attend up to 2 trial training sessions with the club, after which they will need to join as a club member if they wish to continue.  
  • Please note there are no changing or toilet facilities at the Ski Centre site, however you will find toilet facilities in the Gosling Sports Park main building (short walk around the tennis area). 
  • Refund Policy – Refunds can be provided in the form of a voucher for a future session if cancelled at least 48 hours prior to the session start. Please get in touch with us through the “Contact Us” section of our website to arrange this refund.


  • Water. There may not be anywhere on site to buy water or refreshments.
  • Ski Equipment. It is recommended that you bring your own ski equipment (boots, skis, helmet, poles, shin guards) as it is not guaranteed that there will be equipment to hire at the Gosling Ski Centre. It is your responsibility that your ski equipment is well maintained and safe, and should not be shared with other racers. If you need to hire ski equipment, this may be possible, please let us know your requirements at the time of booking or at latest 1-2 days in advance of the training session. There may be additional charges for hiring ski equipment, we can advise you on this at the time of booking. For enquiries about ski equipment, please email:
  • Camping / folding chair. There may not be sufficient seating available at the Ski Centre, so we advise that you bring a suitable chair should you need one or if you will be spectating for a period of time. 


  • Arrival – Please arrive within 10 mins time range of the start of the session. Please park in the car park nearest to the Ski Centre. Please note that parking at Gosling is free up to 2 hours, however it is recommended to get a ticket from one of the pay and display machines on arrival.  
  • Please register your attendance for the training session at the Gosling Ski Centre on arrival. Athletes will be organised into groups of up to 15 plus a coach, typically in age groupings, and athletes will be assigned a coach at the start of the session. 
  • Parents / spectators are asked NOT to come onto the slope at any point, and should remain in the fenced gravel area at the Ski Centre or behind the crash barriers at the bottom of the slope. If a trainee is injured and requires treatment, they will be assisted off the slope by one of the coaches / volunteers. All race coaches at training events are qualified to provide First Aid. 
  • Departure – at the end of the session, children athletes should return directly to their parent / guardian and then leave the Ski Centre via the car park in the usual way.


Adventurous Activities (including but not limited to skiing, ski racing, tubing and snowboarding) are dangerous sports with inherent risks and risk of potentially serious injuries which you must acknowledge and accept.

The club has public liability insurance cover with Snowsport England, however there is no insurance cover for personal accident. Should you have an accident, of any description whatsoever whilst taking part in any adventurous activity with us, you will not be insured through the club. If you wish to be insured you must obtain your own personal accident and injury insurance BEFORE taking part in any activity. 

You accept that you, or anybody acting on your behalf (to include your relatives and/or your beneficiaries), will not make or attempt to make any claim against the club should accident, injury or death occur. 

We accept no liability for any injury, loss or damage caused to persons or possessions whilst on the Gosling Sports Park, including the car park and other facility areas. 


For queries relating to data protection, please see our data Privacy Policy:


Simon Godley / Kate Hawks

Club Welfare Officer: Anne Wood

For any urgent enquiries, Email: / 07771 762353


Bibs will be available upon arrival at the venue, and should be worn throughout the event even when not on the slope, 

Competitors must use the left hand lift for course inspection and competition, and the right hand lift for warm up, as instructed by staff.

There will be no opportunity to service skis between runs or anywhere on site. All skis should be prepared prior to arrival.

Parents or helpers may NOT be present on the start ramp or at the top of the slope, unless special permission is given in advance of the day. Only the designated racers may be in the start area at any one time.

Racers may not take additional skis to the start with them. Only one set of skis may be present with each racer at the top of the slope. Racers may change skis between runs at the bottom of the slope. No skis may be sprayed or have start wax applied to the skis whilst on the start ramp.

Any racer who is not present at the start when called will not be allowed to start and will forfeit that run. They may still start their other runs and record a time.

Disqualifications will be shown by flag from a gate judge and announced immediately.


Bibs are to be removed by the racer at the end of their last run and placed in the bib collection box at the bottom of the slope. Lost bibs will be charged at £25 per bib.

Participants are not to leave equipment unattended and must ensure everything is packed away in their bags and in a secure place immediately after their race runs.

All racers must be prepared to leave the site as soon as possible following the race event.


There will be qualified first aiders present throughout the race event. In the case of more severe injury, an ambulance will be called, or if able and safe to do so, competitors can leave the venue with their parent / guardian.

Parents / spectators are asked NOT to come onto the slope at any point, no matter what the circumstances of an injury. If a trainee is injured and requires hospital treatment, they will be assisted off the slope by one of the officials / volunteers and will be expected to leave the site as soon as safe to do so.

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Entry Checklist

If these sound like you, we’d love to have you as a member of the club:

  I can use a button ski lift unaided
✓  I can ski confidently using parallel turns
  I am at least 6 years old

If you’re not quite there yet, Gosling Ski Centre offers group and individual lessons that can help improve your skiing. For more details, see: